Changes in Version 3.7 compared to Version 3.6:

Date: January 20, 2006.

New in Version 3.7 over 3.6:

Virtual Containers:
Virtual Containers are objects that may contain tracks and/or volumes. You may collect music which belongs together in a certain respect, by taste, period, style or whatever you like. Virtual Containers are similar to playlists, but these may contain only tracks, not complete volumes.
Playback of a single track: The database is no longer locked, i.e. you may start other requests against the database, e.g. administration of cabinets, without having to stop music playing.
Import Single MP3-file: results in duplicate track if some error (or user abort) occured.
in the Aggregate-Window: Deletion of a track failed, if not on the same drive as specified in the 'Settings'. (Remember: the drive-letter in 'Settings' only determines the drive where new tracks are stored, while for retrieving (playback) any drive that contains the specified CDMagic-directory will be searched.)
Improvement in CDM_Analyse:
There are two enhancements:

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